What is this VIP Rewards Program? Let’s start off by saying that it’s FREE! This great partnership not only rewards you with free monthly gift offerings, but also rewards you for going the extra mile and referring business to me. This isn’t a monthly subscription requiring a fee, this is an exclusive partnership where I can show you how much I appreciate you for your business!

How does it work? There are two levels to my VIP Rewards Program. In the base level (VIP Member), everyone will receive a monthly email with the “Offer of the Month”. If It’s something you are interested in receiving, simply call or email us back to reserve your gift as soon as you can since most often, there will be a limit on how many are available. This is NOT a drawing and NO, you don’t need to send me a referral to claim a gift! In addition, these gifts are ALWAYS FREE to you!

What if you do send me a referral or decide to do business with me as a VIP Member? Then you’re upgraded to the Platinum Club! As a Platinum Club Member, in addition to the monthly offerings, you’ll get your own Platinum Club Starbucks Card preloaded with $10… and it doesn’t stop there! You’ll also have $10 automatically loaded onto your card on the first business day of every month for the next six months. The perks keep coming! If I receive another referral from you during that six months, your Platinum Club status will extend for an additional six months. Your free coffee (or tea or pastries or gifts) can extend for years! And what if you don’t get me another referral in those next six months? Not to worry, you’ll still be a VIP Member and have access to all of the first-level fun! You can always become a Platinum Club Member again at any time. Platinum Club Members will also have access to occasional additional perks or offerings.

What is a referral you ask? Let me be clear, it is NOT me selling anyone a home. It’s simply you introducing me to anyone you know who is thinking of buying, selling or investing in real estate, so that I can set and keep an appointment with them. It doesn’t matter if I get that person under contract, and it doesn’t matter if I close the transaction. How easy is that?

Just let me know! You can contact me any time to let me know that you are interested in being in my VIP Rewards Program, or use the link below to get started. I’ll just need some contact information, to ensure that you’re receiving the monthly offers and specials, and a little bit about you so that I can continue to tailor the program to it’s members. It’s that simple!